With a diverse background spanning feature films, independent films, and documentaries, I bring forth my passion and skill in cinematography. Collaborating with renowned clients such as Jaguar, Manu Chao, Macaco, Playing for Change, Believe Hotels, Balearia, Nadir Films among others, I thrive in the adaptable and creative realms of both artistry and commerce.
My lifelong love for film began in my home country of Colombia, where I studied theater and publicity. For the past half of my life, I have resided in Spain, immersing myself in advanced studies at the prestigious CECC in Barcelona. This journey has allowed me to refine my craft and cultivate a distinctive style characterized by unique visual compositions.
Among my standout qualities is a keen eye for perfect lighting, infusing depth and atmosphere into my work. Nature serves as a constant source of inspiration, often capturing its beauty and finding its way in my cinematography.
Beyond the realm of film, I take pleasure in the art of hospitality and the creativity of cooking for friends. With my extensive experience and unwavering passion, I consider myself fortunate to collaborate on a wide range of projects.
I look forward to the opportunity of capturing the brilliance of your projects and elevating the storytelling experience, inviting the audience to revel in luminosity.
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